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Childproof Remodeling



Jan Blog 4 1 resized 600

Having a child changes many, many things. Raising kids changes how you think, your sleep schedule, your priorities, and more. One thing that is commonly changes is your home. If you are expecting, it is a great time to rethink your home and remodel for the little one.

Five Home Designs that can Help you Save Space



Jan 3Blog 1 resized 600

We love adding small space savers to a home during a remodel. In the end they make a huge difference. Here are five fun designs which can help you save space in your home:

Redecorating after the Holidays



Jan Blog2 1 resized 600

You’ve decked the halls and trimmed the trees. Now it’s time to put all of the decorations away, but you don’t have to simply endure the gray days until Spring. Here are just a few ideas to help you as you redecorate for winter:

Remodeling Trends for 2015



Jan 1Blog 1 resized 600

Happy New Year! With a new year comes new remodeling trends. We wanted to take a look at what might just be the next big thing for 2015.

Brighten up your Home



Dec   Blog 4   Pic 1 resized 600

Winter is here. Unless you live someplace like Australia or South Africa, this means shorter days and longer nights. We are also turning the corner in the holiday season. So, you will soon be taking down those string lights and removing holiday candles and decorations that made your home merry and bright. That doesn’t mean you need to weather out the rest of the season in darkness! Here are five tips for brightening up your house - all year long:

Boost Your Curb Appeal



Dec   Blog 3   Pic 1 resized 600

Often when you read curb appeal advice, it’s something small or short term that is being discussed. But many homeowners aren’t actually looking to sell. They just want their house to look as gorgeous as possible all the time. If that’s something you want, read on. We will discuss ways to get your home looking beautiful for the long term. This isn’t just planting flowers and painting doors. We’re talking beautification that is also functional.

The Remodel Design Conundrum: Contemporary versus Historical



Dec   Blog 2   Pic 1 resized 600

Many homeowners love elements of both historical and contemporary homes. This can make them feel torn during the design process. In many cases, we can provide a pleasing merge of both the contemporary and classic design aspects of a home. However, here’s a quick key to help you decide which one you lean more toward. Are you a contemporary homeowner, or do you focus on older styles? Find out:

Batten Down the Hatches for Winter



Giving Back For Thanksgiving: Rebuilding Together



Nov Blog 4  Pic 1 resized 600

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to highlight a specific community organization we’re particularly grateful for. Rebuilding Together Peninsula is the local affiliate of the national nonprofit Rebuilding Together. They provide repairs for low-income homeowners, particularly senior citizens, people with disabilities and families. With the help of local businesses and multitudes of volunteers, they help our neighbors continue to live independently safely.

The Ideal Kitchen Design for the Holidays



Nov Blog 3 resized 600

The key to successful kitchen design for the modern lifestyle is having enough work stations to carry out each activity. A beautiful kitchen suited for entertaining still has the need for efficient design, one that anticipates the needs of the cook, and all those who love the cook’s food. During grand events like Thanksgiving, it can be extremely difficult to cook and entertain simultaneously, which is why we believe the Open Kitchen is the ideal kitchen design for the holidays. It allows everyone to be involved with the group, even while mashing the potatoes.

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