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The Ideal Kitchen Design for the Holidays



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The key to successful kitchen design for the modern lifestyle is having enough work stations to carry out each activity. A beautiful kitchen suited for entertaining still has the need for efficient design, one that anticipates the needs of the cook, and all those who love the cook’s food. During grand events like Thanksgiving, it can be extremely difficult to cook and entertain simultaneously, which is why we believe the Open Kitchen is the ideal kitchen design for the holidays. It allows everyone to be involved with the group, even while mashing the potatoes.

Space Saving Designs For Your Home



What to Expect During a Remodel



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Remodeling any part of your home is a big step, and can be a much longer process than predicted. Although the anticipation of a prettier home and lifestyle improvement can make you want to get started ASAP, it is often smart to get an idea of what to expect during a remodel first. Having the right expectations makes it easier to get started and can even make the whole process go faster overall!

How to Zombie-Proof Your House



Oct Blog 4  Pic 1 resized 600

Because an ounce of prevention now, may be worth a pound of flesh later…

The Benefits of a Front Porch Addition



Oct Blog 3  Pic 1 resized 600Want to make a great impression? A grand front porch adds timless curb appeal and seasonal enjoyment for years to come. Memories are made on front porches. A first kiss, a long goodbye, summertime lingering, watching the buzz of life while sipping lemonade, welcoming your favorite visitors, welcoming a hero home, watching sunrises or sunsets, watching the stars come out. And then there are the holidays: trick-or-treaters on Halloween, family at Thanksgiving, and carolers at Christmas. But what are the benefits of a front porch addition? You can create a new outdoor living space and add new life to your home exterior.

Adding a front porch to your home will add value and appreciation, that if done right, will last the life of your home. You will get a return on this investment.

Improve Your Outdoor Lighting



Oct Blog 2  Pic 1 resized 600

In the daylight, a home can really impress. Well-placed plants can accent the home’s exterior, dress up a pathway and create dazzling displays for the eyes to rest on as you approach the house. In the dark of night all of that disappears and, more importantly, those same plants that dazzle in the day can create obstructions of vision and shadows that can reduce your home’s security and safety. Fortunately, outdoor lighting comes in many styles, shapes, and sizes to suit both your home’s architecture and your security lighting needs. Here are some examples of how to improve your outdoor lighting to make an important difference in your home’s security and night time aesthetic.

The Controversial Oakwood Modern House Tweets



Oct Blog 1  Pic 1 resized 600
What happens when you combine modern design in a historic neighborhood? That’s been the national discussion for the past year in Raleigh, North Carolina. One new modern house has been the subject of legal proceedings after the city’s Board of Adjustmenstopped construction on a previously approved plan after a neighbor appealed last October. The legal struggles even reached the Wake County Supreme Court where the house’s fate was to be decided.

The controversial Oakwood Modern House has garnered a lot of national attention and been covered by many news organizations such as The New York Times and the Today Show. It’s even been featured on international sites like the Huffington Post and the UK’s Daily Mail. One anonymous supporter of the house has even started a Twitter account, tweeting as the house itself. As of the beginning of the month, the account @ModernOakwood has over 2,000 followers and has tweeted over 1,500 times.

At times, the house can be existential.

History of San Francisco Bay Area Homes



Sept Blog 4 Pic 1 resized 600

The history of San Francisco Bay Area homes encompasses nine counties in the major metropolitan areas of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. These nine counties are Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma. The bay area is renowned for its natural beauty and rich resources. Originally a center for rural life, middle and upper classes have flocked to the area and the region has grown to a bustling populace of 7.44 million.

Greening Up Your Home



Sept Blog 3  Pic 1

Being eco-conscious is very important. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save the environment and your bank account with just a few easy steps toward greening up your home.

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist



Sept 2014 Blog 2   Pic 1

Fall is just about here and with it comes lowered temperatures, rain (hopefully!), and a decent amount of wind. As a homeowner, you want to prepare for the changes in weather as well as get your home set up for the holiday season.  Here are several things to add to your fall home maintenance checklist before wintertime:

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