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Boost Your Curb Appeal



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Often when you read curb appeal advice, it’s something small or short term that is being discussed. But many homeowners aren’t actually looking to sell. They just want their house to look as gorgeous as possible all the time. If that’s something you want, read on. We will discuss ways to get your home looking beautiful for the long term. This isn’t just planting flowers and painting doors. We’re talking beautification that is also functional.

The Remodel Design Conundrum: Contemporary versus Historical



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Many homeowners love elements of both historical and contemporary homes. This can make them feel torn during the design process. In many cases, we can provide a pleasing merge of both the contemporary and classic design aspects of a home. However, here’s a quick key to help you decide which one you lean more toward. Are you a contemporary homeowner, or do you focus on older styles? Find out:

Batten Down the Hatches for Winter



Giving Back For Thanksgiving: Rebuilding Together



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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to highlight a specific community organization we’re particularly grateful for. Rebuilding Together Peninsula is the local affiliate of the national nonprofit Rebuilding Together. They provide repairs for low-income homeowners, particularly senior citizens, people with disabilities and families. With the help of local businesses and multitudes of volunteers, they help our neighbors continue to live independently safely.

The Ideal Kitchen Design for the Holidays



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The key to successful kitchen design for the modern lifestyle is having enough work stations to carry out each activity. A beautiful kitchen suited for entertaining still has the need for efficient design, one that anticipates the needs of the cook, and all those who love the cook’s food. During grand events like Thanksgiving, it can be extremely difficult to cook and entertain simultaneously, which is why we believe the Open Kitchen is the ideal kitchen design for the holidays. It allows everyone to be involved with the group, even while mashing the potatoes.

Space Saving Designs For Your Home



There are a number of factors driving small space design, and space saving design trends these days. Among the factors are environmental concerns, which create a need for smart, conservative innovations to maximize energy efficiency. Smaller, conservative designs use less materials, and have a lower impact on forest products and other resources. Another factor is cost. The average building cost in the San Francisco Bay Area is around $400 per square foot. Smart, space saving design minimizes the amount of materials you have to buy, thus saving you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

What to Expect During a Remodel



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Remodeling any part of your home is a big step, and can be a much longer process than predicted. Although the anticipation of a prettier home and lifestyle improvement can make you want to get started ASAP, it is often smart to get an idea of what to expect during a remodel first. Having the right expectations makes it easier to get started and can even make the whole process go faster overall!

How to Zombie-Proof Your House



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Because an ounce of prevention now, may be worth a pound of flesh later…

The Benefits of a Front Porch Addition



bigstock Front Porch Of Traditional Hom 6891921 resized 600Want to make a great impression? A grand front porch adds timless curb appeal and seasonal enjoyment for years to come. Memories are made on front porches. A first kiss, a long goodbye, summertime lingering, watching the buzz of life while sipping lemonade, welcoming your favorite visitors, welcoming a hero home, watching sunrises or sunsets, watching the stars come out. And then there are the holidays: trick-or-treaters on Halloween, family at Thanksgiving, and carolers at Christmas. But what are the benefits of a front porch addition? You can create a new outdoor living space and add new life to your home exterior.

Adding a front porch to your home will add value and appreciation, that if done right, will last the life of your home. You will get a return on this investment.

Improve Your Outdoor Lighting



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In the daylight, a home can really impress. Well-placed plants can accent the home’s exterior, dress up a pathway and create dazzling displays for the eyes to rest on as you approach the house. In the dark of night all of that disappears and, more importantly, those same plants that dazzle in the day can create obstructions of vision and shadows that can reduce your home’s security and safety. Fortunately, outdoor lighting comes in many styles, shapes, and sizes to suit both your home’s architecture and your security lighting needs. Here are some examples of how to improve your outdoor lighting to make an important difference in your home’s security and night time aesthetic.

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