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Greening Up Your Home



Sept Blog 3  Pic 1

Being eco-conscious is very important. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save the environment and your bank account with just a few easy steps toward greening up your home.

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist



Sept 2014 Blog 2   Pic 1

Fall is just about here and with it comes lowered temperatures, rain (hopefully!), and a decent amount of wind. As a homeowner, you want to prepare for the changes in weather as well as get your home set up for the holiday season.  Here are several things to add to your fall home maintenance checklist before wintertime:

Protecting Your Yard During a Remodel



Compassion Research Day by Livestream - Social Remodeling



Compassion - The Role of Technology in Modeling and Remodeling Relationship

 A Technology Event.

Raw Pea Inspiration (a sweet smoothie remodel)



raw smoothie remodel

The Accidental Pea Soup

How Much Money Down Should I Pay for My Remodel?



Here's how much money down you need to secure your remodeler

How much Money Down does a remodeler typically ask for to start a job?

Excellent question!

Repurposing Materials in Your New Home Renovation



iStock 000021067676XSmall resized 600

When it comes to saving money on a home renovation or custom remodel, we get two typical questions. 

Annoying Things [Building] Contractors Do



Annoying building Contractor

We know what the most annoying contractor behaviors are and we admit we've committed a few of our own over the years. We work hard to discover what they are, when they occur, and we take measures to chang them. Actually, we know first-hand just how annoying these behaviors can be. We've hired hundreds of professionals over 25 years and have experienced all of them.

1902 Meets Generation X



Victorian renovation


This young family of three was about to have another baby. Creating a home they could remain in for many years was the goal. How perfect is it that they choose to share this traditional American value with a traditional San Francisco home.

Cool & Collected!



Fresh living.

This home has great bones! But it needed serious updating. Twelve rooms in all including three full bathrooms, 2 powder rooms, a kitchen, a living room, family room with wet bar, pantry/ laundry area and basement. To keep the budget in check the project focused on replacing -adding floors, cabinets, fixtures, tile, stone, fireplaces, mantels, windows, shelving, wardrobe closets, wallpaper, glass, paint and refinishing the entire basement into an office (not shown in the video)... phew!!!

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